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Access Social is laser focused on disability-inclusive social media campaigns. We know how to speak to and engage with people with disabilities because that’s who we are.


Our team builds results-oriented and tailored strategies that are driven by disability and accessibility experts in the field who understand the core of inclusion.

We position brands and organizations across industries in front of disability audiences via social media, content creation, community management, influencer marketing, paid ads, and consulting. 


Together we can drive inclusion and positive impact all while reaching one of the largest untapped markets out there. 

 Our Services 

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Social Media

Fuel growth all while being inclusive of the 3rd largest market segment in the U.S.–people with disabilities. We develop strategies customized to your goals that engage and delight audiences, while delivering measurable results.

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Build powerful social proof in disability communities and beyond. We work with a network of diverse disabled creators and manage contracts with talent from a variety of sources. 

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Launch projects confidently into the disability space. We help develop inclusive messaging, culturally relevant narratives, creative materials, and strategies that tap into the kaleidoscope of disability experiences while centering disabled voices.

15 years ago, I became suddenly and significantly physically disabled.

What did it mean, and who would I turn to? I discovered a thriving disability community rich with diversity and subcultures and there I gained insight and support. But when it came to media, authentic representations of the lives that I and millions of others were living were scarce. There was, however, a plethora of stigmas, outdated stereotypes, and awkward messaging.


Luckily, I came into my career while a seismic shift was happening. Through my decade of crafting inclusive marketing for brands both in and outside the disability space, I saw social media evolve into a major vehicle of inclusion. Like so many others, I shared my own story on social. I gave a personal glimpse into what it's like to become a mother as a wheelchair user. That led me into producing a film and more disability-led media with the goal of making a positive impact.


It's quite clear that now we as disabled people are able to make ourselves known and seen like never before especially as the accessibility of social media itself continues to improve. And today, we can no longer be ignored. I am building Access Social on this movement. I hope you join me!


“With a quarter of the population living with disability, but just a fraction seen in advertising, social media has become a major vehicle of inclusion for people with disabilities as we make ourselves known and seen. Access Social is built on this movement, and we invite brands to discover us, the disability communities who make up the 3rd largest market segment in the U.S.”

Dani Izzie, Founder + Director

Message from the Founder

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CBS Sunday Morning News

Michael Joswick

President | SureHands Lift & Care Systems

Andy Arias

Film Producer, Disability Policy Advisor

Michael Joswick

President | SureHands Lift & Care Systems

In just the first three months working with Access Social, we increased our following by 10x, dramatically increased day-to-day engagement with our content – increasing our high-quality leads by 20%

Access Social are experts on creating intersectional pathways for diverse communities. 

Access Social speaks in our language. They took time to understand our needs, our value to the disabled community, and taught us how we could reach more people to benefit from our solutions. Their strong leadership and project management made the whole process a breeze.

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